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Student Planners Support Education and Life Development
Coole School planners are a research-based, peer reviewed character education program housed within a student day planner. There are four editions, written age appropriately, for kindergarten through high school. The planner keeps students on track with their assignments and activities as well as helps to build character, self esteem and living a healthy life.

Coole School planners keep students on track with their assignments and activities, as they help to build self-esteem and include healthy lifestyle, tobacco and substance prevention messages. Since the messages are delivered via age-appropriate, interactive games, puzzles, cartoons and thought-provoking articles, they appeal to the students.

Approved for Title I
Your Coole School Day Planners are approved for Title I and IV funds, and qualify for funding under 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

Add Your Handbook
Include your school handbook, bell schedule and school calendar in your Coole School student planner. Make your Coole School planner an all-in-one tool for every student.

Custom Covers
You can design your own customer cover, or we can use your school mascot/logo and school colors to design one for you! Cost 30¢ per planner + $50 Prepress fee.

NEW Standard Planner Covers

primary   elementary

"Learning is an Adventure!"

Sturdy Endure Covers

Product Code:  PS-16
July 2016-June 2017


"It’s Our World!"

Sturdy Endure Covers

Product Code:  ES-16
July 2016-June 2017

secondary   secondary

"Design Your Future!"

Sturdy Endure Covers

Product Code:  MS-16
July 2016-June 2017


"Design Your Future!"

Sturdy Endure Covers

Product Code:  SM-16
July 2016-June 2017

Cover Change Options (8⅜ x 10⅞)

primary Have a Banner Year Dream it, Believe it, Do it

"Learning is Fun"

Sturdy Endure Cover

"Have A Banner Year"

Sturdy Endure Cover

"Dream It, Believe It, Do It!"

Sturdy Endure Cover

Explore, Dream, Discover Learn and Lead Flag

"Explore, Dream, Discover!"

Sturdy Endure Cover

"Learn and Lead"

3-D Cover
Both sides 3 mil laminated


Sturdy Endure Cover

Together We Can The Skys the Limit It's Your World

"Together We Can"

Both sides 3 mil laminated

"The Sky's the Limit"
(website only)

Both sides 3 mil laminated

"It's Your World"
(website only)

Both sides 3 mil laminated

Cover Change Options (5⅜ x 8⅜)

Explore Dream Discover 1005 2005

"Design Your Future"

Small Sturdy Endure Cover

"Reach For The Stars"

Small Lenticular Cover

"Explore, Dream, Discover"

Small Sturdy Endure Cover

3005 Flag Small 3005

"Reach For The Stars" (red)

Small 3D Cover


Small Sturdy Endure Cover

"Learn and Lead"

Small 3D Cover

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